"Whatever you do...do well."

1 Kings 8:51-9:15

“Whatever You Do...Do Well”

Ford Motor Company, over the years, has made the boast that “Quality is job one.” Now whether one is a Ford fan or
not they still look for Ford to maintain that quality (whether they do or not). Everyone looks for quality in what they purchase.

The question this morning for us is: “Do we look for quality in what we do like we look for quality in what we buy.” No one wants to waste their money on a “lemon.” Everyone wants the most bang for their buck. The same should hold true in what we do. We should desire to serve the Lord and please Him in everything we do. This is part of becoming that “living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1) that God calls us be. We should strive to make quality a high priority on our list of living. Solomon teaches us that in his actions today. Here are some examples of how we can live:

• Whenever we dedicate ourselves to the Lord, dedicate well. Don’t give Him a half-baked, half-surrendered life. Whatever you do…do well.

When Solomon dedicated this temple, he sacrificed greatly to the Lord. He gave of his best. The Lord deserved his best, 22,000 bulls and 120,000 sheep. And even greater than outside sacrifices of dedication should be inward sacrifices of dedication. May we bring ourselves to Him wholeheartedly to Him.

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