The Circle of Blessing

Psalm 67

If a person has known the Lord for any time, they know that the blessings that come down from the Lord are to be desired. But how do those blessings come? The Spirit of the Lord reveals one way to us through this Psalm. The Scriptures here reveal to us a circle, if you would, of blessing. This circle repeats itself over and over in the life of a child of God.

In verse 1-2, we see the grace of God. This is truly the only way blessings begin. We wouldn’t know anything about God, Who He is, or what His love desires to extend to us if it weren’t for His grace. He is Spirit and we are flesh. He is supernatural and we are natural. He is so far above us. The flow of blessing begins one way. It has to begin with God. And not just with Him, but specifically, it begins with His grace. We are not deserving of His blessings nor could we ever earn them. God’s act of blessing His children is purely on love and unmerited favor. He reveals Himself to us, and with that revelation comes blessing.

As blessing comes from His grace, its purpose is to reveal to this world the character and ways of God. The only way that mankind will know the blessings of God is if God reveals His blessings to them.

In verses 3-5, we see the results of these blessings of grace—the people and the nations break forth in praise and worship back to the King Who rendered the blessings of grace. As Scripture tells us that we love Him because He first loved us, so too we bless Him with praise and worship because He has first blessed us.

In verse 4-5, we see an upward spiral effect in fact to blessing God. So what actually happens when we bless God? He in turn pours out greater blessing on us. Our land will yield a harvest and God blesses us. From there, we in turn bless God again and the Circle of Blessing continues. Praise God for opening the door of His blessing to us.

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