The Heart of the Call

1 Samuel 9:7-10:10

“The Heart of the Call”

We see that Saul was looking for donkeys, but God was looking for a man to lead His people. From the unfolding of the events we see these things at the heart of the call of God for our own lives.

1. Humility.

In verse 21, Saul listed himself as the least among his family and among his tribe. This was a genuine humility: a key ingredient that God looks for in calling us for His purposes. We must be empty of ourselves so we can become full of Him.

2. Anointing.

In chapter 2 verse 1, we see God placing His anointing upon Saul for the task at hand. This is because the task is always too great for us on our own. However, this is also a sign that the Lord is with us and is calling us for His purposes.

3. Another heart.

Verse 9 shows us of a God-given transition that happens in the heart of Saul. God gives Him a heart for the call. This speaks of all the elements that are needed to successfully carry out the call God places on our life: the burden for the people, the courage to step forth, the faith, and the direction. God gave him His heart for the kingship. God does the same for His people.

4. The demonstration of the Spirit.

Saul prophesied. This was nothing short of the Spirit of God flowing through his life. The same is true for us in regards to the Holy Spirit flowing through us. We will operate in the Gifts of the Spirit. This is God’s assurance that He is with us.

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